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         Confocal Microscopes:
    • Nikon C1 Confocal Microscope
            A Scanning Laser Confocal Microscope capable of simultaneous 3-color imaging, 3-dimensional
             reconstruction, time-lapse analysis and deconvolution.
      ...   More Details

    • Zeiss Cell Observer SD
            Spinning disk confocal microscope with a Photometrics QuantEM:512SC EMCCD camera, built on a Zeiss Axio
            Observer inverted microscope

         Flow Cytometer:
    • BD FACSCalibur
            A flexible and powerful tool for high-throughput study of isolated cells. The BD FACSCalibur is a
             four-color, dual-laser, bench-top system.
      ...   More Details

         Mac Workstations:
    • Akane
            Apple Dual 2GHz Power PC G5, 160 GB ATA Drive, 4 GB SDRAM. Mac OS 10.3...   More Details


    • InCyt Standard IM
            This photometry system includes everything needed for calcium and other single excitation and ratiometric
            fluorophore experiments
      ...   More Details

         PC Workstations:
    • Bay
            Dell 3.0GHz Pentium IV, 120GB Hard Drive, 2 GB RAM. Windows XP....   More Details

    • Casement
            Dell 3.0GHz Pentium IV, 120GB Hard Drive, 2 GB RAM. Windows XP. Software:...   More Details

    • Odyssey CLx
            An infrared imaging system for applications such as Western blot analysis and tissue section imaging


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