Nikon C1 confocal more | sign-up
A Scanning Laser Confocal Microscope capable of simultaneous 3-color imaging, 3-dimensional reconstruction, time-lapse analysis and deconvolution.
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InCyt Standard IMTM more | sign-up
This photometry system includes everything needed for calcium and other single excitation and ratiometric fluorophore experiments. The system includes: an inverted epi-fluorescence/phase contrast microscope, low-light level integrating CCD camera, computer controlled filter changer, Xenon UV/VIS arc lamp, image processing computer and data acquisition/analysis software.
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Dissecting Scope brochure.pdf | sign-up
Olympus SZX12 Stereozoom microscope with transmitted light as well as external fiberoptic illumination. Optionally, our 5 megapixel CCD camera can be attached for digital photography.
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Nikon Eclipse E600 microscope more | sign-up
A fluorescence microscope with a digital camera and motorized focusing. This system can be used for traditional fluorescence microscopy as well as for capturing image stacks for deconvolution.
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Zeiss Axiovert 200M more | sign-up
A fully motorized inverted epi-fluorescence microscope with four fluorescent channels, as well as DIC and phase optics. This system is an incredible flexible and powerful workhorse, but has limited availability.
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