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3i Marianas™ Deconvolution System
Available in Spring 2004

Deconvolution is an alternative to confocal imaging that gives crisp fluorescent images and three-dimensional image-stacks. Because this is facilitated through post-processing of full-field images, this method has the added advantage of rapid image acquisition which is especially important for dynamic experiments.

This deconvolution system is built around a Zeiss Axiovert 200M, as pictured here. This inverted-microscope is equipped with a romote-controled harmonic drive z-focusing and a motorized nose piece and fluorescence turret. This system is designed especially for use with deconvolution software, and is bundled with the SlideBook™ 4.0 imaging software. Images are collected with a Cook Sensicam connected to an 1.8Ghz Powermac G5. The SlideBook software is also available on one separate computer, and image stacks can be exported for use in the Huygens software package which is available on four of the CMIC computers.

Plan Neo 20x 0.5 NA Objective
Plan-Apo 100x 1.4 NA Objective with DIC prism
Plan Apo 63x 1.4 NA Objective with DIC prism
FITC Cube for Everest™/Marianas™
CY3 Cube for Everest™/Marianas™
CY5 Cube for Everest™/Marianas™
AMCA/DAPI/Hoechst Cube for Everest™/Marianas™