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BD FACSCalibur

The BD FACSCalibur TM system is a four-color, dual-laser, bench-top system available today that is capable of both cell analysis and sorting. Designed specifically to support a wide range of applications, the BD FACSCalibur system is a fully integrated multiparameter system.

1) 15 mW 488 nm, air-cooled argon-ion laser.
2) Red diode laser: nominally 635 nm.

Emission Wavelengths
FLC1: 530/30 (Laser 1)
FLC2: 585/42 (Laser 1)
FLC3: 670 LP (Laser 1)
FLC4: 661/16 (Laser 2)

Full Light Path

Sample Flow Rates
Three selectable flow rates of 60 µL/min, 35 µL/min, and 12 µL/min. Pressure difference between sheath and sample is regulated and monitored; particle velocity in flow cell is approximately 6 meters/sec

Sample Concentration
The recommended concentration is for single-cell suspensions of:
105to 2 x 107particles/mL.

Size Range
The range of particle sizes that can be used on this machine is:
0.5µm < x < 100µm

It is important to ensure that there are no oversized particles (>100µm) in your samples. Make sure to pre-filter your cell preparations with a 100µm screen if necessary.

Download the brochure: BD FACSCalibur