Microscopes FACS

C1 Modular Confocal Microscope System

A modular confocal system built around the Nikon E600FN microscope. 3-Channel confocal imaging and simultaneous capture of DIC and fluorescence images. Confocal images can be captured at up to 2048 by 2048 pixels reslution at a bit depth of 12 bits.

Objectives: (our objectives require size 11/2 cover glasses). Full Specifications
Dry (10x, 20x, 40x )
Water (10x, 40x, 60x)
Oil (60x, 100x)
Field of view measurements here. Learn more about objective specifications from Nikon.

1 Argon, 10mW, 488nm (Blue exitation)
2 Green HeNe, 543 (Green exitation)
3 Red HeNe, 633 (Red exitation)
See the full lightpath for the C1 system here.

1st DM: 488/543/633
2nd DM: 530
3rd DM: 625
Em filter: 515/30, 585/40, 665LP
See the full lightpath for the C1 system here.

Compatible Fluorophores: (many other flurophores can be made to work)
1 FITC or Alexa 488, GFP
2 TMR or Cy-3 or Alexa 546
3 Cy-5

Download the brochure: C1brochure.pdf