Scheduling and Billing

  1. Using the OCF Scheduler Software - Making a new user account, getting access to resources and scheduling your time slot.
  2. Rates and rules - Information regarding billable resources at the CMIC.

Nikon C1 Confocal

  1. Starting Up the C1 Confocal System - Boot up protocol for the C1 confocal system.
  2. Shutting Down the C1 Confocal System - End of the day, shut down protocol for the C1 confocal system.
  3. C1 Lightpath - A description and diagram of the light path for the C1 confocal system.
  4. C1 Field of View Measurements - Simply a table of the dimensions of a full field scan on the C1 confocal for the various objectives we have.
  5. Using the 40x adjustment collar - An introduction to the function and use for the adjustment collar on our 40x dry Plan-Acromat objective


  1. Using the Micropublisher 5.0 Camera - Instructions on how to use the Micropublisher CCD camera. Including turning it on, focusing and setting the white balance

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