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Using the OCF Scheduling Software.

The OCF User Guide provides detailed instructions, with screenshots, for all functions of the software, including those I briefly describe here.

What does OCF Scheduler do?

Scheduling of CMIC resources.
Personal (private or public) scheduling calendars for CMIC user.
Export calendars to Palm, Outlook or iCal
Optional email remainders for scheduled events.
Managing access to CMIC resources.

Register as a New-User:

  1. Follow the new-user link (from the sidebar).
  2. Fill out all the fields.
    1. SFSU address, including room number, is OK for SFSU users.
    2. Your password must be at least 6 characters, and must include at least 2 character types (e. g. letters, numbers or !@#$%^&*-_<>? ). This password will be used to log on to all the CMIC computers.
    3. If you are a SFSU user, your account number should be a CMS account number that can be charged for your use of billable CMIC resources (Account-Fund-Department ID-Project).
    4. If you are a user from outside SFSU your account number should be a PO#.
  3. You can modify your User record at any time by clicking on the Profile link near the bottom of the OCF page.
    1. If you change your password in the OCF software, you must send an email notification to the CMIC administrator so your password for accessing our computers can be updated.
  4. Submit
  5. Once you are accepted as a CMIC user you will have access to all our computers and non billable resources.

Getting Access to a Billable Resource :

  1. The billable resources at the CMIC are all instruments that require training. In order to request training for a particular instrument just follow the link to that resource from the sign-up page, and try to schedule a time. This will take you to a web page describing the resource from which you can click a link to send an access request.
  2. Once your request is received you will be added to the waiting list for training. All individuals will be trained at the first available time on a first-come first-served basis.

Using the Scheduling Calendars:

  1. To schedule access to a computer or a instrument that you have been approved to use simply follow the link to that resource from the sign-up page.
  2. Click the Add New link on the day you want to use the resource.
  3. Give the session a name (whatever you wish).
  4. Set a start time (make sure you choose AM or PM appropriately) and a duration.
  5. Make sure the Service and Account fields are correct.
  6. Fill out the Session Requests field if you have specific needs for your session that the CMIC administrator should know about.

Last modified 2/23/05.