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Starting Up the C1 Confocal System

If you need to use the C1 Confocal system at a time it is completely shut-down and CMIC staff is not available to assist you, you can follow the following start-up procedure.

  1. Turn on the argon laser (if you are going to use it).
    1. Switch on the power switch and turn the key in switch clockwise on the argon laser power unit.
    2. Turn the key switch clockwise on the argon laser remote controller.
      (Three lamps on the remote controller should light green within one minute. Laser output will stabilize in approximately 15 minutes).
  2. Turn on the two He-Ne lasers.
    1. Turn the key switch on the He-Ne laser power units clockwise.
      (The lamp on the power unit should light green in 30 seconds. The laser output will stabilize in 15 minutes).
  3. Set the ND filter for the lasers you are using.
    (The filters are located on the right side of the laser unit. There is a ND4 and ND 8 for each laser, which cut the power output to 25% and 12.5% respectively).
  4. Turn on the mercury lamp power supply (if you are going to use it).
    CAUTION! The mercury lamp becomes stressed and can explode if power is switched off and on too rapidly. Always leave the lamp of for at least 30 minutes before turning power back on. The power should always be left on if other users will be using the lamp within 4 hours.
    1. Turn on the power switch. After a few seconds when the power light will light green.
    2. Then firmly push the ignite button. After a few seconds the lamp ready button will light orange.
      (The mercury lamp power supply is located on the second shelf on the right side.)
  5. Turn on the power strip at the back of the table (this is usually left on).
  6. Turn on the C1 Controller (the big white box next to the computer).
  7. Turn on the computer (the big black box next to the controller).
  8. Pressurize the air table.
    1. Turn on the pump.
    2. Open the knob marked with green tape. (Turn knob counterclockwise two full turns).
  9. Log into your user account on the computer.
  10. Start the EZ-C1 operation software.


Last modified 11/12/03.