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Shutting Down the C1 Confocal System

If you use the C1 Confocal after 4:30 pm or on a weekend, and no other users are signed up to use it after you, follow these instructions to shut the system down. Remember to schedule enough time to follow this procedure, which takes ~25 minutes.

  1. Exit the EZ-C1 operation software.
  2. Log out of your user account on the computer.
  3. Close the valve to the air table (the pump is behind you and to the right as you face the confocal; turn the knob marked with green tape clockwise to close it).
  4. Switch off the pump.
  5. Turn off the C1 Controller (big white box next to the computer).
  6. Turn off the remote focus controller.
  7. Turn off the mercury lamp power supply.
  8. Turn off the transmitted light power supply.
  9. Turn off the two He-Ne lasers by turning the key to the 0 position.
  10. Turn off the argon laser:
    1. First turn the key in the remote controller to the 0 position.
    2. Then turn the key on the power supply to the 0 position.
    3. Then wait 20 minutes for the fan to cool down the laser.
    4. Finally, turn of the power supply.


Last modified 12/16/03.